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Man Fills Entire Fuel Tank With Spaghetti-Os Then Takes it to Mechanic

If you’ve seen the video where Ross Creations calls a computer repair man to fix his PC full of beans, then you’ll likely want to see his car sequel.

In the latest prank video, Ross fills the 14-gallon tank of an old Chrysler with many-a-can of “the good stuff,” or Spaghetti-Os as they are formally known. When he rolls up to the shop, trying to crank up the car as his friends push, he tells the technician that someone has diagnosed the fuel pump as broken.

The perfect way to play this off was pretending to be… not firing on all cyclinders. That’s exactly what Ross does. At one point he refers to the problem as the “flool plumpy,” and later pretends to fully not comprehend what a Spaghetti-O is, calling them “fool pumps.”

Of course, his tie-dye shirt, shorts, and sandals send it right home, and the mechanic goes back and forth between flabbergasted and pitiful.

When they finally take the tank off of the car and dump it out, they find some of the meatballs too, which inspires the “good stuff” observation.

When Ross starts crying, and owns up to filing the tank because a mean man told him it would run better, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. I hope he keeps these pranks up, for clout or not!

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