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Meet Our New (Mad) Writer – Bentley Perkins

Hello, hi! As a recently popular song would make it known ‘This is Me!’

Me, who is me you ask? I am Bentley Jay Perkins and this is a brief introduction to myself as one of your editors at GTN.

If you don’t know me already via the GTN podcast then I suggest you head on over to that after reading this, it really is very good entertainment. At least the blowing of my own barbarically loud horn would suggest so?! Regardless, as we have established already my name is Bentley. I could be categorised as slightly loopy, with a huge heart for everyone and a fascination with all things that have the slightest resounding hint of a mechanical presence.

I have a boundless passion for the motoring world, predominately situated at the epicentre of classic cars and motorcycles.  However, this does not detract from the fact that I am absolutely motorbike mad – whatever the year, make and model. Two wheels is the only way to feel true freedom on our open roads, closed tracks and the dirty bits in-between! While I know that this will be met with fraught hostility by many who decide bikes are a no-go…. those who know, know! A Yamaha 5VY (R1) will be entering my life imminently for this very reason.

Before  I am duly crucified by the 4+ wheel naysayers, I am also the proud owner of an early 1967 VW Beetle. For all those who do not know the significance behind this year there is a ton of information out there, but to summarise this early ’67 model was the cross over of the upright headlights and the sloping lights.

An unfathomable amount of money was spent on tooling just to create this cross over facelift bug so that the people who adored them were not too jarred by the drastic changes that would come into play with the late ’67 and onward models.  Who knows of any manufacturers in the present day stretching that extent to please the people?

To bare one with a little bit more information on myself outside of the motoring world. I am an avid photographer, videographer, RC enthusiast, airsofter and my interests stretch from history through to the adverse outreach of space travel! If you fancy a chat about anything I am always up for a laugh via my Twitter page

Without further ado, I shall leave you all with a few photos from my past years of motoring madness with a hope that my future posts, write-ups, podcast collaborations, photography and videos with enthrall you in their mediocre brilliance!

Naturally if you have a classic beetle, the need to wear a onsie is paramount!


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