The Grand Tour

Meet Richard Hammond’s Coronavirus Lockdown Project Car Restomod

A few days ago we showed you Richard Hammond of The Grand Tour’s 2020 updates and plans. In this video, he talked through what he plans to complete this year – the majority of it being classic Jaguar restomods. In a recent post to DriveTribe, he shows us his first job of the year, his Jaguar XK120. 

With his specialists working from their very own home workshop, they’re cracking on throughout the Coronavirus lockdown with the project. The first point of call is stripping the shell of all its paint so they can attend to any rust, which you can watch by clicking here.

With the starting product looking like a good platform to restore, Hammond is keen to keep us updated as progress is made. However, with this being filmed before the UK went on lockdown, we’re unsure when we’ll next be able to see this exciting project as it starts to take shape.

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