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Motor Trend Magazine Catches Up with the Grand Tour Hosts

Motor Trend magazine recently had the chance to sit down with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May while they were in L.A. filming for the first episode of The Grand Tour. The first episode turned out to be Amazons’s highest viewed show and since then the boys have been on a worldwide tour of filming locations and media interviews.

During their interview with Motor Trend, they talked The Grand Tour, Top Gear, their filming locations, and their favorite cars.

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Motor Trend asked the three hosts what made The Grand Tour different from Top Gear.Jeremy Clarkson simply responded “it’s different,” while Hammond elaborated a bit further saying;

“…We are what we are, and that’s why we’re still together. We’re all more than the sum of our parts. This is what we do. But this has forced reinvention on us, which is what Jeremy Said. You know, we wouldn’t have done that otherwise. Why should we? (Top Gear) was a massive hit – big, known all the way around the world – why would we reinvent it? Well , because of the way things are going, we have. And that’s invigorated us, fired us up, made us all feel 20 years younger.”

It would seem based off of a recent statement from James May as you’ve seen in one of our latest articles that may not be 100% accurate, but it’s great to see them doing something new regardless.

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When Motor Trend asked the hosts what their favorite car from the past year was they also had some great answers in store for the magazine.

Clarkson: “The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio blew me away. Alfa actually made the car that you want to buy.”



Hammond: ” I love the Challenger Hellcat. it was fantastic. It made me laugh.” ( As became obvious in Episode 3 of The Grand Tour)


May: “Apart from the LaFerrari, probably the Acura NSX. I came away wanting one quite badly. It’s very civilized; it does feel like a Civic. It’s as easy as to drive as one – there’s nothing intimidating about it.”


Motor Trend also asked the former Top gear hosts if it had been difficult to make a new car show with the legal pressure from the BBC. The three responded in turn, saying it really hasn’t been bad. Clarkson summed it up best saying;

“No, to be honest. We know full well what aspects of the old show we can’t use, and we’re not going to use them. You’ll turn it on, and you know instantly, ‘I’m not watching Top Gear.'”

I would say Clarkson is absolutely right in that aspect and based off the shows reviews so far, it is definitely a good thing. For the rest of the interview be sure to pick up Motor Trend Magazine.

Source: Motor Trend Magazine

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