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Mr Beast Is Sending James May To The Moon After Seeing Hilarious Meme From Grand Tour Presenter

Mr Beast, the YouTuber who has gained a massive following of over 50 million on the video website, is sending The Grand Tour presenter James May to the moon after a recent livestream.

It was revealed in a live stream by the YouTuber, who is planning on sending a hardrive on a rocket to the Moon with the help of NASA. On this hardrive will be a selection of videos that best represent the human race and its history, humour, and… well… memes. One meme specifically is James May’s cheese meme, where he whacks down a lump of cheese onto a surface in the FoodTribe ‘bunker’, looks at the camera and says, “cheese”.

This clip sparked gifs and several memes which are still circulating online to this day, and now it will be going to space along with lots of other videos and, apparently, $1M worth of Bitcoins.

James May reacted to this news on the FoodTribe YouTube channel:

May is very impressed, but questions why out of all of his great TV work, his cheese meme is what takes him to the Moon. He also admits that he had this idea a few years ago, but the BBC said it was going to be too expensive.

“It was called ‘The People’s Space Race’, but they didn’t want it,” James told Lucy who works for DriveTribe and FoodTribe.

“It was too expensive.”

He continues”

“We were actually going to build the rocket ourselves, that’s where it went wrong. Too expensive.”

Mr Beast and his team enjoyed the clip so much, they said they’d send Sammy, who sent it in, a thousand dollars as a thank you.

As the video progresses, May questions whether this will be the first example of cheese in space, with him coming to the conclusion that there must have been some sort of condensed cheese taken into space before this by astronaughts. However, they both argue that it’s likely the first example of cheese on the Moon, as long as you don’t subscribe to the idea that the Moon itself is indeed made out of cheese.

The call ends abruptly as May leaves before being asked to do tweet about this. “For f**k sake”, Lucy says.

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