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Next Episode of The Grand Tour Could be Round the Corner

The Grand Tour fans are patiently waiting for the next episode of the show to be released, with many still hopeful for a pre-Christmas release.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May finished filming in Europe earlier this year. They started off in Gdansk in Poland and were spotted travelling through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia.

During an interview about the upcoming special, Clarkson was asked about his thoughts on Slovenia. He explained:

“Well, we came in through the mountains from Hungary, so it’s just straight away very pretty. And then it stays very pretty to here. So it’s just very pretty,”

Clarkson went on to explain the journey that the three of them had been on.

“Well, this is, it is actually the finish point for a long – about a 2,200 kilometer drive from Gdansk at the top of Poland. All the way down to Krakow, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and then here.”

The former Top Gear host gave an indication of timescales of when we will be able to see the special and he confirmed it would be about six months, during the interview which was back in July.

“A very long time. Is it six months, perhaps? ? Six months,”

Although this would take us to January, there are still fans crossing their fingers for the show to be released on Prime Video before then.

The interview then went in an odd direction with the interviewer asking Clarkson and Hammond what they think of Dacia. They clarify that they mean the cars manufacturer as there was a language barrier and the interviewer says “because you’re a specialist for cars.”

Clarkson responded:

“Used to be. A long, long time ago we ran a car programme. It’s changed since then. My colleague James May is around somewhere, he’s an expert on Dacia. He likes the Dacia.”

The last episode of The Grand Tour was released in September which showed the trio adventuring around Norway in rally-inspired cars.

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