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Next Nissan Z Car Called 400Z With Twin-Turbo V6 Engine

Rumors have begun swirling about the 7th generation Nissan Z.  A Canadian trademark has already shown us what the updated emblem may look like, and now we some ideas about what the guts of this long-awaited update could contain.


The new Z will most likely be offered in both automatic and manual, which will no doubt further fuel the heated conversations between (automatic only) Supra owners and Z buyers.  The biggest news, however, is that unlike the 350Z and the 370Z, Nissan is moving away from naming the car in relation to engine displacements, in favor of horsepower.  To that end, 400 is a nice round number!

The 400hp Z will get its horses via an Infinity 3.0L engine with twin turbos providing boost.  This is great news for tuners, including Nismo who will want strive to get everything possible out of this reliable powerplant.

The 400Z with it’s old/new retro badge will be a fast, fun little car with turbos providing 400 horsepower, but with COVID19 affecting car sales in such a negative way, there is no release date planned as of yet. For a car this exciting, I’m happy to wait.


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