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No More Celebrity Segments In The Grand Tour… Good Idea?

Most of you will be pleased to hear that The Grand Tour will no longer be hosting any celebrity segments.  In a recent interview with, James May let us in on a bit of information that will certainly wake up the fans during the off-season.

We covered the full interview here, so make sure you check it out.

Celebrity Brain Crash was The Grand Tour’s first attempt at integrating celebrities into the Amazon show. Unfortunately, it didn’t go down so well with fans complaining that it was soon repetitive and boring.

For Season 2, two celebrities at a time (three in the case of Penn and Teller) were pit against each other in the Jaguar F-Type. This segment was named Celebrity Face Off, but again, soon became viewers least favourite part of the show.

With this taken onboard, The Grand Tour team have scrapped celebrities altogether for Season 3. James May said this on the subject.

“‘Celebrity Face Off’ has bitten the dust and has not been replaced.

“We’ve ditched the guests because they weren’t that popular. And we realized we could spend more time on the films if we ditched the guests. So the guests got the bullet, I’m afraid”

Spending more time on the adventures and cars sounds like a great idea to us at GTN, and sets us up for the slow evolution into Season 4. In particular, the fact that the tent is being ditched altogether. You can read more about that here if you wish.

How do you feel about celebrities being completely cut out of the third season? Are you okay with not seeing your favourite celebrities pick up some keys and battle it out on the track? Let us know on our Discord server. It’s completely free to sign up and allows you to give your opinions and chat with like-minded people. Just click below!


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