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One Jeep Wrangler, A Ford Raptor, $300k Worth of Boat Makes One Expensive Soup

Oh please, how could something so idiotic happen in real life. That must have been the reaction of everyone at Cedar Lake, Indiana over the weekend, as they set eyes on this unbelievably ridiculous catastrophe.

One lifted and modified Jeep Wrangler, and a matching Ford Raptor pickup were both up to their windshields in water, after a rescue mission gone wrong. A family, whose identity has been found by internet sleuths, tried to rescue their sinking $300,000 Pavati boat. It clearly didn’t work.

Salt-life aficionado and Jeep driver, @godzilla1350, has been pinpointed by Facebook users as a likely candidate for the role of owner in this mystery. It seems from his Instagram that he has posted two out of three of the vehicles involved here.

That’s truly a massive bummer. One can imagine the heart-sinking feeling as your really neat boat start taking on water, and you hastily react by jumping in your beefed up Wrangler. Grabbing the winch, you give it all the slack, and jump into the water like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch.

You tie up the boat to the winch, only to realize, it’s not enough, and you have to double up with the Raptor.

Thirty minutes later, you’re having the worst day of an otherwise bummer of a year.

My condolences to the owner, whether it’s godzilla or not. This will be an insurance nightmare, and there’s no telling if other regulators will get involved, after assessing the legality of putting two cars in Cedar Lake.

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