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Piers Morgan Is Infuriated After Fan Mistakes Him For Jeremy Clarkson

It’s no secret that Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson have had a strong rivalry since The Grand Tour presenter punched Morgan back in the mid-2000s. Since then they’ve seemed to have made nice, but regardless of this, there’s still a competitive bone shared between the two.

Piers was even a guest on Clarkson’s quiz show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on Boxing Day where the two threw insults at each other with smiles on their faces. But now Piers Morgan has revealed how he was once spotted by who he thought was a fan in a recent column.

He began by explaining how he was at his local cafe nursing a hangover when “after a few minutes, a young man approached me.”

“‘Excuse me, sir,’ he said in a Scandinavian accent, ‘but it is you? The TV presenter?'” Piers wrote.

“I smiled and nodded. ‘It is, yes,” he says while adding that he was getting very excited by the prospect of being noticed.

“‘I knew it! Mr Clarkson from Top Gear! It is so great to meet you, I’m a massive fan!’

“My smile disappeared faster than Boris Johnson is currently deleting his text messages,” he finished, obviously very disappointed with the outcome.

Hopefully, Clarkson and Morgan join forces once again to bring us some brilliant TV. We’d all be watching.

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