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Porsche 918 Spyder Lends its Looks to Mazda’s RX-Vision in Tasteful Render

The Mazda RX-Vision has a hard grip on our hearts. We want to see the car take shape in a more substantial way, bringing Mazda’s superb rotary engine into a more aggressive and exotic racer. In the meantime, artistic interpretations of the RX-Vision are still teasing us with what could be, if only they would let it happen.

Today we have @Carlifestyle’s Porsche 918 Spyder-motivated RX-Vision design. It takes the track-hungry spoiler, fins, and skirts of the GT3 version of Mazda’s beautiful car, and loans the removable top of the Spyder. Perhaps the biggest noticeable change, is the baby blue paint job.

In March, Mazda released a special GT3 version of the RX-Vision, as a playable racer for Gran Turismo. That version of their concept shared a lot of these added bits, like the spoiler and side-skirts.

One thing that might have been cool to add to the RX-Vision Spyder, are the wheels from the 918. I know they don’t look as serious as the GT3 or standard concept, but if they could be quickly switched back and forth, I wouldn’t mind a look.

Mazda have really been killing it with design of their cars lately. the way the hood meets the grille, and swoops off to top the headlights, it’s really mean looking.

I’ve had multiple times in the last few weeks, where I’m walking and out of the corner of my eye see a cool looking car, only to turn and see a Mazda. Meanwhile, that’s just their run of the mill production cars, imagine if they put the RX-Vision into production.

While the Miata is fine and all, the rotary engine deserves a turbocharged insane supercar!

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