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Porsche Shows Pride Support with Rainbow Lineup of 911s

Get your checkbook, because Porsche didn’t just make one rainbow-colored 911 to show support for Pride, they actually split the rainbow across six models!

A big six-car garage could become that much more proud with a red GT3, an orange GT3 RS, yellow GT3 RS, green GT3 RS, blue GT3 RS, and a maroon-colored GT3. Interestingly enough, the red and maroon models were non-RS GT3 cars.

Porsche made a public statement in support of diversity and inclusion along with the photo-op of the cars. They also had a virtual event where employees wore bright colored shirts and big welcoming smiles!

We demand and foster equal opportunities and want to make it possible for all Porsche staff to contribute just as they are, regardless of elements including their gender, ethnic background, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Germany’s Christopher Street Day festivals are the equivalent of Pride in the US. For the occasion, Porsche flew a rainbow flag at their Stuttgart factory as well.

While we all would have loved to see a single rainbow-colored 911 GT3 RS, it’s still fun to imagine five of your friends pulling up with you to the club, all sporting these bright whips. You could even have a little race through the South, like the classic Top Gear Southern Special.

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