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Post-Fight: What Piers Morgan Supporters Are Saying About Jeremy Clarkson

Piers Morgan of Good Morning Britain and Jeremy Clarkson of The Grand Tour have had a long history of heated rivalry since the car show presenter punched Piers multiple times in 2004. Over the Chrismass holidays, though, the two have come face to face once again on Clarkson’s ITV quiz show, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

While heated and full of jibes from their history together, the two laughed and seemed to enjoy their time raising money for Piers’ chosen charity. But while we talk about Clarkson a lot on Grand Tour Nation, what do Morgan’s fans have to say about the duo after their quiz show results?

Morgan’s donation to his chosen charity is obviously a hot topic and his fans are keen to thank him for his selflessness.

Some fans complained about how he played the game, however. It’s easy to complain about something you’ve never done yourself, of course.

But on top of anything else, fans were happy to see Piers and Jezza in good terms and enjoyed the two media titans joining together.

Of course, there are fans that aren’t so happy with Clarkson’s performance on the show, getting a question wrong when he was used as a life line.

It certainly seems as though that while Piers and Jeremy have put their history behind them, at least on TV, some fans of the two are still wielding their pitchforks to defend their favourites. Which side do you stand on? Or are you just glad the drama between them is over?

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