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Recent Video From Jeremy Clarkson Sparks Frenzy: “Is That The Top Gear Track?”

A recent image posted by Jeremy Clarkson to his Instagram account has sparked a frenzy with fans as they question where it was taken. Some are even wondering whether it could be the legendary Top Gear track he’s filming on.

Over the last week, Clarkson, accompanied by Richard Hammond and James May, has been filming for another episode of The Grand Tour. The three landed in Gdansk, Poland, early last week and have been travelling West since. Over the weekend, it was confirmed that the trio had made it to Slovakia where Jeremy is test driving a Skoda 1100 OHC Spider.

It was this video that sparked fans to think he was potentially on the Top Gear Test Track.

“Is…is…is that the TG track?” a fan asked. “Certainly not?”

Another asked simply: “Is that,” before another answered. “Top Gear runway.”

Unfortunately, I can confirm it isn’t the Top Gear Test Track. It’s instead Piešťany Airport in Slovakia, where they’ve been filming over the last couple of days since leaving Poland and Czechia.

They were spotted over the weekend with the cars they left Gdansk with – a Chevrolet SSR, a Crosley Convertible, and a Mitsuoka Le-Seyde. Although James May was actually seen driving a 1959 Ford Popular hot rod with his Crosley on a trailer behind him after the classic car broke down somewhere near Krakow.

While we’d love The Grand Tour to return to Top Gear’s famous track in Dunsfold, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll ever return thanks to the modern-era of Top Gear still using it for their episodes.

The trio have continued on their journey across the country and have now reached Bratislava, with Jeremy confirming this in a recent Instagram post.


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A post shared by Jeremy Clarkson (@jeremyclarkson1)

The video shows Richard Hammond enthusiastically looking through physical CDs of music.

“I haven’t done this in years. It’s the best thing ever, you come in and buy music.”

The caption from Jeremy simply reads: “Bratislava.”

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