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Relive The Grand Tour’s Unscripted Episode As Jeremy Clarkson And Co Jab Back At Fans Complaints

When The Grand Tour plans a new episode, a certain amount of scripting is needed. Less so with the most recent show structure, but when Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were powering through six or so episodes a season alongside an audience and a tent, they needed to plan their films, talking points, and storylines. Fans are quick to point out scripting and paint it in a negative light, but it’s a must-have part of making a good episode.

Because of this, the trio decided to make fun of this fact with their episode Unscripted, which focussed on what an episode would look like if there was no planning beforehand. Of course, this episode was just as scripted as every other episode, but it was a funny insight into the planning behind the show.

Now, thanks to a recent upload from The Grand Tour, we can relive the moment of Jeremy Clarkson reviewing the potent Audi TTRS and having to pull over to think about how he should describe the sound of the engine. He decided to describe it as a “happy hippopotamus,” which was a weirdly accurate description. Soon, Hammond catches up to him in an Ariel Nomad, shouting abuse at him down his radio. They race very briefly before coming to the surprising end of the road, blaming it on the lack of planning and scouting.

This was an interesting jab back from The Grand Tour about the importance of scripting, while still being cloaked in their usual comedy of Clarkson, Hammond and May.

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