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Richard Hammond Announces New Solo Show – ‘Big’

Yep, we got the irony in the name, too. Richard Hammond has announced that he’s starting a new solo show with the Discovery Channel called Richard Hammond’s Big. This is as well as The Grand Tour, which will be returning, please don’t fear! Oh, and if you’re in America, it will be on Science Channel US!

The show will let Hammond take you on an adventure with some of the biggest feats of engineering in the world. As he stated in the video above, this includes the longest underground railway, and a cargo ship the size of four football pitches.

He was quick to realise the irony, however. And from this new show, a joke began.

Here are some of the best we can find!

And our very favourite…

As well as the UK and US, it will also be aired in Germany, Spain, France Italy and the Netherlands. We can’t wait! Filming is underway, airing dates will be revealed soon.


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