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Richard Hammond Comments On Move Away From Grand Tour: “I’m Not Being A TV Presenter”

The second series of Richard Hammond’s Workshop was released on Discovery + earlier this week where viewers will see The Grand Tour host fulfilling his life-long dream of restoring classic cars.

The first series showed Hammond joining forces with Neil, Anthony and Andrew Greenhouse to start The Smallest Cog. Now, almost a year on and they are still waiting to turn over a profit for the business. Talking to press about the difficulties that are shown on the programme, Hammond said:

“But that’s okay. It’s a real experience and I’m learning a lot about myself and about the industry.”

The former Top Gear host then went on to liken the series to the BBC show The Repair Shop. He explained:

“There is a little bit of that about it because The Repair Shop is about people.

“Whether it’s an old pair of shoes or a violin. And in my case, whether it’s an old Toyota or a Jaguar E-type.

“People only care enough to keep them going and to restore them because they’re imbued with their own memories and emotions, and that’s important.”

Hammond also touched on how his latest venture differs from his previous projects and about working closer to home. He commented:

“I’m not being a TV presenter, I’m being me.”

“I mean, for all these years I’ve been travelling the world it’s been incredible. I’m not moaning about it, I’ve been a very, very lucky boy. I mean, ridiculously lucky. And I’m appreciative of that, but it has meant a lot of time away from home.

“It’s lovely to do something that my wife Mindy and my daughters, Izzie and Willow [can be involved in]. It’s part of our family life. I do this work, I start from home and I go to the workshop and I come back home.

“I don’t get on an aeroplane. And it’s great for them to see that. Yeah, I’m loving [it] and it’s also in the county where we live. So the people that we see are the people I live amongst, which is great.”

When asked about how he felt the first series was received with fans, Hammond said:

“People have really enjoyed it they were very kind about it.

“It’s much more the real me because when I’m doing other TV shows, it’s a different experience.

“It’s a different world really. But this is me in my real world, following my own real passion and exposed for all my many weaknesses!”

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