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Richard Hammond Compares His ’68 Classic Ford Mustang To His Wife Mindy’s New Mustang In Home Review

Yes, while we’ve all been banished to our houses for a good few weeks (at least), The Grand Tour’s Richard Hammond still has plenty of space to mess about in with his cars. Oh, the perks of being very wealthy and owning a house on a farm. So in today’s new video, Hammond ventures out to his yard with his daughter recording from his phone, and gives us a much-needed comparison between his classic ’68 Ford Mustang GT, and Mindy’s 2015 Mustang.

The ’68 model owned by Richard is the same model and colour as the iconic Bullitt chase car. “390 cubic inches of Blue Collar glory,” Hammond screams as he brutally accelerates before coming to a quick stop. It sounds immense as its rear tyres struggle for grip on the concrete ground.

He’s never been allowed to have a go in Mindy’s Mustang – we all know what he’s like behind the wheel – and on walking back to test the 2015 variant, he looks forward to finally being able to have a go in it. He turns to the car and is startled by his wife sitting in the car holding the keys in her hand.

“I don’t think so darling,” she says. Perfect.

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One Comment

  1. Being beautiful wasn’t the only reason she’s Hammonds wife,she’s obviously very smart as well !
    Smart enough to keep her stang the way she wants it to stay.,without Richard abusing it. Nice try tho Hammond.
    Big fan Mr Hammond,more shows to come hopefully.

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