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Richard Hammond Continues To Embarrass Jeremy Clarkson As He Takes On Golfing Legend

Jeremy Clarkson and James May weren’t happy to find out that Richard Hammond had taken up golf lessons during The Grand Tour presents: Lochdown. Now the presenter, accompanied by DriveTribe, has met with Rick Shiels, former professional golfer, to get a few tips from someone who really knows what they’re doing.

Richard Hammond on why he started playing golf

“Honestly, I’ve spent a lifetime abusing it because anything that you don’t do, you’re a bit scared of, aren’t you?

So I wouldn’t do it, but then I noticed a lot of my friends out where I live in Herefordshire, they all play golf.

“And I was on holiday with a load of them in France and they all went off for a round of golf. Well they came back drunk, but they’d obviously had an absolutely brilliant afternoon and I thought ‘I want to be able to do that’

“I don’t want to be competitive, but I want to be able to play a round of golf.

“I always want to do it because I’ve taken the Mickey outta it all my life. And I quite like the idea of something that you’ve always mocked having the brass neck to turn and say ‘actually I really like it'”

Richard Hammond’s First Lesson With Rick Shiels

Richard’s lesson with Rick started with the golf pro watching Hammond’s swing. And after a few changes, including a change of grip, he was on his way to hitting some… okay, I won’t lie, I don’t know a thing about golf, but the video is great and has tempted me into fancying some lessons myself.

“Honestly, I think you’ve done incredibly well,” Shiels told The Grand Tour presenter.

“What you’ve got so far, you’ve got good movements, you’ve got a good starting base to build from. You can hit your irons nicely, you’re starting to get some consistency and you’re starting to get some speed.”

“The next time I see you,” Hammond returns, “we can actually play a round.

“I’d be delighted if I could do that.”

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