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Richard Hammond Crashes In Hilarious Grand Tour Moment – Season 3

Y’know, we’ve talked a lot lately about Hammond’s love for getting cars to stop moving using very hard obstructive object. Like the grass at the bottom of a hill for example, or a tree. This time, he managed to crash in the most anti-climatic way, yet.

Spoilers ahead for the episode ‘Well Aged Scotch’. You have been warned.

The trio head to Scotland in three classic cars: Clarkson in an Alfa Romeo GTV6, May a Lancia Gamma Coupe, and Hammond a Fiat X1/9. They plan to complete the NC500, which is a 500 mile rally around the North Coast of Scotland, but before they get very far at all, they decide to pull over at a race track.


Although on closer inspection, it’s far too small to be a race track, with it instead being only for go-karts. So, instead of a race, they choose to drift around the track instead. Unfortunately, as these are classic cars they’re driving, they don’t have enough power to do such a thing.

This isn’t acceptable, so the trio take matters into their own hands and surround their tyres with plastic, drastically lowering any grip they once had.

Of course, Hammond doesn’t cope well in a scenario like this, so quickly ends up bumper first into the barrier after experiencing some out-of-nowhere-understeer. Amusingly, it isn’t at break-neck speeds, instead at a speed that looks closer to 10mph. What makes it even better, is just before this happens, Clarkson wonders where they would land the air ambulance in case anything went wrong.

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