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Richard Hammond Crashes Racecar During Filming On Polish Race Track

It’s been revealed that Richard Hammond has crashed an open-wheeled racecar while on a track in Poland. The Grand Tour trio has been filming in Poland this week for an upcoming episode, but moments after Jeremy Clarkson revealed they’d moved on to an old World War II concentration camp, a photo has emerged of Richard Hammond next to a crashed car.

The filming in Poland started three days ago, with Clarkson posting a photo of himself alongside Hammond and James May about to board a private jet. A day later, it was revealed that they’d flown to Poland, landing in Gdansk before setting off in three cars.

With Hammond in a Chevrolet SSR, James May a Crosley Convertible, and Jeremy Clarkson a Mitsuoka Le-Seyde, the three were spotted driving around the Długa Streets, as well as the post-shipyard areas, the port, and Westerplatte. This area was reported as being where the first gunshot of WWII was fired, supporting our idea that they’re following the story of the war in this episode.

Following this, they travelled to Zielona Gora in Poland’s Lubusz province. Known for its vineyards and abundance of good wine, it’s not a surprise that the presenters ended up here. But before long, they traveled to the Tor Poznań race track in the city of Poznań. Here they buckled themselves into open-wheeled race cars and took to the track for a race.

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But an Instagram story by @triton_concept has revealed that Richard Hammond – yet again – has crashed his car into the barriers.

The image shows Richard Hammond standing next to the crashed car in a racing suit, with James May stood next to him. Another Instagram post from the same user shows Jeremy with a stop watch around his neck, indicating that they were doing timed laps.


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We assume Hammond is safe and well as he’s stood next to the car with his hands on his hips, and nothing has been posted the trio’s social media accounts.

Jeremy recently posted a photo of Stalag Luft 3, a Luftwaffe-run prisoner-of-war camp during World War II. This continues their interest in WWII this week.


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More news to come.

Thanks to Richard_Hammond_TR for bringing this to my attention!

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