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Richard Hammond Discusses His Best Car Memory, The Electric Future, And Someday Going To Canada

In a new interview by before the premiere of The Grand Tour‘s second season, Richard Hammond talked about several big topics currently aflame with controversy in the car-verse, such as the impending electric car takeover and how bad Jeremy Clarkson’s meat car smelled.

In terms of the new season, Hammond wasn’t able to give much detail, beyond confirming that they’ve been filming in places such as Colorado, Mozambique, and the length and breadth of England (with Canada in sight for the future)–no new information to be found on the new driver either, who at this point is only an anonymous woman. So it isn’t the Stig, but it may be the Stig’s female cousin!

He also confirmed that he does still have Oliver tucked away in his garage at home, as well as that possibly his favorite memory in a car was during the Botswana road trip, experiencing a picture-perfect African sunset alongside the aforementioned Opel Kadett.

Hammond also expressed optimism at the new frontier of electric cars:

“I think it will be incredibly exciting and wonderful. Those same manufacturers that build cars with flair and passion will do the same making electric ones, using different materials. There’s many opportunities to make things that inspire and ignite our passion now as there were over 100 years ago. But I think it’s a really exciting time to see change from the industry and we shouldn’t be scared. Human nature will be defined in essence. We will get what we demand and people will make it. It will fit with us because it’s of us.”

Hammond is also confident in how the market will eventually force electric cars to get better and better:

“The autonomous cars we see constantly now are upright town cars with an electric motor. It scratches an itch, it performs one need…but we will demand alternatives to that. We will demand aesthetically pleasing, proportionately pleasing electric cars, which send out a different message beyond the simple practical desire to get from one place to another.”

So, Hammond feels pretty good about the future, even if it won’t be primarily petrol-powered any longer. But for those who still want to vicariously experience the thrill of some good old exploding dinosaurs, the new series drops on December 8th. Can’t wait.

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