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Richard Hammond Discusses His Favourite Food To Eat In Car

This question from the September 22nd Q&A hits a personal pet peeve of mine. Eating in the car while driving bugs the hell out of me. To me, it’s not any worse than texting while driving (though to be fair, I have no scientific proof of that). All I know is that way too many times I pass a car driving like an idiot and it turns out the driver is negotiating a big burger or something.

That’s not counting the people that actually eat a knife and fork meal while driving. I had a friend that once while on a road trip, pulled out a tray of food that he then proceeded to place on the center console and eat with a knife and fork. He drove with his knees. When I asked if he wanted to switch places, he looked at me like I was crazy.

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A viewer asked Richard what his favorite food to eat in the car was, and without hesitating, he replied “Soup.” After James made fun of him, Richard reiterated that it was soup.

“A nice bowl of oxtail soup is my favorite thing to eat in the car.”

I can actually see that being doable. Fill a thermos with some hot piping soup and debone the meat, and you have yourself a nice, sippable, one handed meal that you can leisurely eat/drink while driving. That I’m ok with; as a general rule, I don’t really mind things like burritos that only really require one hand to eat because at least you can have your other hand on the wheel.

But that friend of mine that drove with his knees? He’s got some serious explaining to do if he ever got into a serious accident while eating a knife and fork meal. So what about you guys? Any particular favorite meals you like to eat in the car?

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