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Richard Hammond Explains The Reasoning Behind His New Racing Career

Richard Hammond recently revealed that he was going to be restoring the MGB GT, which was the last car he drove on Top Gear. In the the latest video on the DriveTribe YouTube channel, Hammond explains why they decided to turn the Top Gear icon into a racecar.

Fans didn’t have to wait as long as they thought as Hammond unveiled the restored racecar at the Classic Car And Restoration Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

At the start of the video, Hammond explains the reason why he and the Smallest Cog team, as featured on Richard Hammond’s Workshop, decided to turn the MGB GT into a racecar. He explained:

“It’s actually the last car I drove on Top Gear. I kept it, just ’cause I’m sentimental and that’s what this whole event is all about.

“And the reason why we are taking it racing? Well, if you have seen it on the show [Richard Hammond’s Workshop] you will already know this but just to explain, we wanted to get The Smallest Cog in front of the right kind of people. The people who are passionate about their classic cars, but ideally also that break them, and the best bunch of people for doing that are, of course, people who race them.”

The Grand Tour host continued:

“They love their cars, they damage them every weekend, they have to pay to get them repaired, and then they damage them again. So, what better way to get to them than to build our own racecar for our own race team, The Smallest Cog Racing. And take it racing, that way we will be right alongside them when they bury theirs in the pitlane wall… hopefully we won’t do the same.”

The restoration of the car was featured on Richard Hammond’s Workshop which has been released on Discovery+.

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