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Richard Hammond Expresses ‘Selfish Relief’ in The Grand Tour’s Latest Scandi Flick Episode After Avoiding Crash

In the latest episode of The Grand Tour, Richard Hammond revealed his ‘selfish relief’ at avoiding a crash, while co-host James May suffered a shocking accident. This revelation was part of the thrilling Scandi Flick special on Amazon Prime, marked by high-speed drama and unexpected turns.

Key Takeaways:

  • During The Grand Tour’s new Scandi Flick episode, James May experienced a serious crash into a tunnel wall, resulting in a hospital stay. His fellow presenters, Hammond and Clarkson, continued their journey in the Scandinavian night, highlighting the unpredictability and danger in their high-speed adventures.
  • The episode features a tense segment where the presenters race through a dark tunnel, culminating in May’s crash, described by producer Andy Wilman as a moment of ‘red mist descending’. This crash starkly contrasts with the usually cautious approach of ‘Captain Slow’ May.
  • Richard Hammond, who has previously survived a near-fatal crash, comments on the incident, expressing a mix of relief and concern. He underscores the genuine risks involved in filming for The Grand Tour, stating, “There’s no protective TV bubble. Accidents can happen.”

The most recent episode of The Grand Tour, ‘A Scandi Flick’, has been nothing short of a dramatic spectacle. Featuring the well-known trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, this special episode streamed on Amazon Prime has captured the audience with its thrilling and perilous adventures across Scandinavia.

Richard Hammond, often the center of past mishaps, expressed a mix of relief and humor at being on the sidelines this time.

“I think selfishly I was more relieved than anything else that somebody had taken the focus off me,” he shared with The Mirror and other press. He added humorously: “It’s much nicer not being the one who’s had the accident, but being one of the ones watching it. I think I might go that route in future.”

The episode’s highlight was undoubtedly the harrowing tunnel segment. Jeremy Clarkson, leading the time trials, navigated the dark, narrow tunnel in a nail-biting scene, fortunately emerging unscathed. However, it was James May, known for his cautious driving style, whose crash left everyone in shock. Producer Andy Wilman described the moment as the ‘red mist descending’, as May lost control and collided with the tunnel wall.

Hammond, reflecting on his own near-fatal crash in 2006, acknowledged the inherent dangers of their stunts.

“We’ve learned and now James has learnt better than most people that just because you’re doing it for TV doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong,” he stated solemnly.

His words were a reminder of the very real risks involved in their adventurous filming.

James May, discussing the aftermath, revealed the damage was more to the car than himself. Despite the dramatic impact, May and some local mechanics managed to salvage the vehicle.

“I didn’t think it was going to go again, but with a bit of help from some ingenious local mechanics – obviously I couldn’t do very much because my rib hurt – but they squeezed it back into shape,” May recounted.

The episode, filled with high-speed challenges, unexpected crashes, and the trio’s signature banter, has once again demonstrated the blend of danger and entertainment that The Grand Tour offers its viewers.

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