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Richard Hammond Gives Exciting Update For Upcoming Grand Tour Episode

After a successful release of The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick, Richard Hammond joined This Morning on ITV to talk about the episode and its resulting drama. But during the interview, he revealed a big update for fans of the Prime Video car show.

The Norway special has received tonnes of positive reviews from fans of the show thanks to its Top Gear-esque use of cars, slightly crossing the line into motoring-nerdiness while retaining the humour and ridiculousness we’ve come to expect from the show.

Teasing the future of The Grand Tour, Hammond admitted to This Morning that these episodes take a lot of planning, and planning has started for the next stint of filming.

“Yeah, they take a lot of planning, as you can imagine, you know TV.

“There’s so much planning involved, building one of those shows just… I mean there’s a lot of us in the show.”


Phillip, one of This Morning’s interviewers, asked: “Where do you want to go, what do you want to do?”

Richard didn’t want to give too much away, answering: “I don’t know.

“We actually have a meeting next week.”

He continued:

“We’re often asked ‘Do you all see each other between shows?’ Well yes because we finish one of the shows, then it’s got to be edited.

“And Andy Wilman, that you both know is a genius, puts the thing together but we’re all involved in seeing that through various stages.

“Then by the time we finish that, we’re starting to plan the next one,” the presenter revealed.

As Grand Tour Nation has reported, the upcoming episode of The Grand Tour has already been filmed and is currently in the early stages of editing. This trip took them to Europe where it looks as though they followed the story of World War II

Landing in Poland, they began their journey in June which took them 2,000km across the continent before ending in Slovenia. Along the way, Hammond crashed an open-wheeled race car at a track in Poland and James May broke down, forcing him to drive the backup car, a Ford hot rod.

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