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Richard Hammond Hints At The Grand Tour Filming Again This Year

Richard Hammond is having a very good year so far with The latest special episode of The Grand TourA Massive Hunt, still causing a commotion, and his new show, The Great Escapists coming tomorrow to Amazon Prime Video. He was joined by Tory Belleci on a deserted island with the task of building themselves luxury solutions and eventually getting home.

But in an interview with Express, Hammond has now teased further plans with Jeremy Clarkson and James May this year.

He was asked how the filming for The Grand Tour went in Scotland under pandemic restrictions:

“I don’t know when it’s gonna be on,” Richard told “But I never do so…”

He continues to explain just how good he believes it to be:

“That will be announced when it’s announced. It was great,” he said.

“It was really good. And we were properly back on form.

“It really was us, three idiots, doing what we do. It felt great, really enjoyable shoot. So I think that’s gonna be a tremendous show.”

There were various plans to be in various places,” Hammond explained. “There always are.

“But we had to pull everything, obviously, but then we wanted to get something done just to give people what we do.

“And we’ll try and do the same this year,” he teased.

The Grand Tour team has teased a future episode in Northern Russia, but with the current lockdown regulations stopping movement, it’s unlikely this episode will be anywhere near ready this year. It will likely be, again, within the UK like the upcoming Scotland special which we were able to report on last year during filming.

Where do you want them to film? Let us know in the comments.

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