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Richard Hammond Is Having Serious Insurance Issues After The Grand Tour Fatal Crash

The Grand Tour’s Richard Hammond has admitted to The Sun that since his near fatal crash in 2017 during the filming of a hill climb run in a Rimac Concept One, he’s found it very difficult to get insurance.

Richard said: “I have fun when I want to insure something else because there will always be the question, ‘Have you had any accidents in the last two years Mr Hammond?’ Oh, um, maybe. Yeah.

“My CV does not read well.”

His incident with the legendary Rimac all-electric hypercar isn’t his only history of crashes. In 2006, the jet-powered drag car that was capable of 288mph he was driving, veered off the Top Gear Test Track and flipped, putting him in a coma and giving him “serious brain injury”. It was so bad, that not only did they postpone the 9th Series of Top Gear, but his family and friends didn’t know if he would ever wake up.

Thanks to his mixed experiences with cars of a certain performance, Hammond is keen to keep his own cars at the lower end of the spectrum at home.

“I have quite a few cars but I don’t have any modern supercars at all.

“My everyday car is either a leaky old Land Rover or the only modern car I’ve got is a Tesla, electric one.

“The rest go back to the 1920s and I have really ridiculous Mr Toad stuff where I tear across the country lanes by my house leaking oil and breaking down.”

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