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Richard Hammond is Shopping for Classic Trucks in Tennessee

Richard Hammond’s love for classic American vehicles still burns bright and based off what we’re seeing on his twitter feed, there are two classic American Trucks that have The Grand Tour host salivating.

The Hamster is known for his love of muscle cars, especially the Ford Mustang, and it would seem that he also has a place in his heart for other american icons as well.

This first tweet was in regards to the very cool looking, classic Chevrolet Truck pictured in the tweet below. The truck which off the bat has a classic patina look, aftermarket wheels, and a lowered suspension, which looks to be right up Hammond’s alley.

The original tweet seems to have garnered the attention of another classic truck enthusiast, Comet Classics, who offered to sell Richard another beautiful truck.

Similar to the first truck, this one has a hodge podge of exterior parts and lowered suspension, but even with the rust, it looks like it retains most of the main components that make up the original version of the truck.

If Richard is in the market for another truck, maybe one to import back to his home country, he couldn’t be in a better country than the good old U.S.A. After all, no one makes better trucks, especially when it comes to the classics. Good luck in your search, Hamster!

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Source: Twitter

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