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Richard Hammond Kills And Eats Family Pet After Ending Vegetarianism

Richard Hammond has admitted to killing a family pet and then eating it. Okay, this isn’t quite as bad as it sounds. While The Grand Tour presenter tried to go vegetarian, alongside fellow presenter James May, Hammond recently humanely killed the family rooster, cooked him, and ate him.

While he is no longer not eating meat, May is still adamant that a chicken is not mean. He says:

“Scientifically chicken is a vegetable.

“If you cut a chicken’s head off it still runs around, proving it’s not a sentient being, it’s a higher-order vegetable.”

Hammond also commented on his turn to vegetarianism, which shocked Jeremy Clarkson:

“I did go vegetarian for a year, which was a fascinating experience and I don’t eat as much meat now as I used to,” he said.

“But I could still kill animals; I have done in the past.”

He continued:

“I killed a cockerel we had.

“He had to go so we dispatched him humanely and ate him.”

Cockerels kept on family farms are usually kept for breeding. Even on smaller farms which breed chickens for meat, cockerels aren’t usually killed for this reason, with there being a lot more meat on a female. But cockerels can get aggressive, and if they’re not fighting each other, they can attack their human owners and generally stress out other chickens.

Unfortuntely, this leaves many people with few options, with them usually killing them humanely and eating them.

Hammond assures us that he doesn’t do such things for fun:

“I wouldn’t kill for sport but on a desert island I’d be totally fine with killing as long as I had a spear to run after things,” he told Radio Times.

On that note, he’s then asked which of his fellow ex-Top Gear presenters he’d take with him to an island.

“I’d be happy with either,” he admitted surprisingly. Fortuntely for him, The Great Escapists sees him joined by Tory Belleci, both stranded on an island. We’ll see how this turns out when it’s released to Amazon Prime Video on January 29th.

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  1. Its very good to not eat as much meat. However, I do have to question the chicken is a veggie thing. I will be eating more veggies.

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