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Richard Hammond Nearly Punches Steve Coogan At GQ Men Awards

Things have been bitter between Richard Hammond and Steve Coogan since Steve first made his way onto Top Gear. Steve had called Richard ‘tragic’, and ‘a squirt’ and criticised the Top Gear team for their comedic style back in 2011. Because of course no one found Top Gear funny… right…

The rivalry between Hammond and Coogan was awakened once again at this year’s GQ Men of the Year Awards where The Grand Tour trio bumped into Coogan after they had accepted their Television Personalities of the Year award.

Richard had allegedly stated that he wanted to punch Coogan. Apparently he said “I don’t know what his problem is with me. I want to punch him.”

A source told The MIrror, “Richard was seething. He was shooting daggers at Steve.

“It was obvious he wanted to confront him but decided against it, turning and walking away, muttering angrily.”

While all this was happening, James May was talking happily so Steve’s co-star, Rob Brydon who is good friends with both James and Jeremy. Thankfully no punches were thrown, although it wouldn’t be a first for the trio!


Since writing this article, a statement has been made by Steve Coogan who denies what was said. He says:

“During a thoroughly enjoyable evening I remember Richard Hammond staring at me in a weird way but I thought he was simply stunned at how well tailored my dinner jacket was,”he told Digital Spy.

“It’s true I was critical of the trio five years ago – for an episode of casual racism – but they seemed to have calmed down since then and Richard said nothing to me about it at the dinner.

“So The Mirror article is made up. But I did make a couple of jokes on the night about phone hacking, perhaps it struck a nerve with a certain newspaper.”

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