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Richard Hammond On Teaching His Daughter To Drive: “What Do I Know?”

Richard Hammond’s Workshop series two is set to launch on Monday 17th October.

In an interview with, Hammond spoke about teaching his daughter, Willow, how to drive. He explained:

“I’m not sure how much I taught her in the end. She’s a perfectly competent driver but I don’t know how much I had to add to the experience. Neither of my daughters will listen to me! It’s funny, I’ve done all the driving in the world but as far as they’re concerned I’m just dad and what do I know.”

The Grand Tour host continued, referring to his reputation of having a lot of crashes on The Grand Tour and Top Gear:

“And to be fair, with my record, they’re probably right. My top tip on teaching a teenager to drive is get a driving instructor.”

Hammond was then asked about what he remembers about when he took his own driving test and whether he passed first time or not. He explained:

“No, I failed first time. I learnt in my dad’s Astra and took the test in Harrogate, North Yorkshire where I was living. The examiner was very fierce and I was scared of her.

“We approached a light just as it had gone amber and she said, ‘Proceed as you normally would’ so I thought, ‘Right, I’ll give it a boot-full then’ and she failed me which was fair enough. I passed the second time round.”

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