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Richard Hammond On Why Grand Tour Co-Host Ignored Him For Two Days

The Grand Tour hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and, James May have been on our screens since the early 2000s where viewers have seen their close friendship over the years.

Hammond has recently revealed, however, that Clarkson recently stopped talking to him for two days over his new hobby – golf. Apparently, when Hammond announced his latest hobby to his co-hosts, they were “appalled”.

Appearing on the Rick Shiels Golf Show podcast, Hammond explained that he had hated golf but found a new love for the sport when he went on holiday with some friends to the South of France and now feels “liberated” by it.

The former Top Gear host went on to describe how the news went down with Clarkson and May. He said:

“Jeremy didn’t speak to me for a couple of days and was genuinely, genuinely hurt.”

He went on to add, jokingly:

“I wish it had been longer.”

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