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Richard Hammond Outlines The Worst Part Of His Latest Business Venture

Richard Hammond has spoken about the best and worst parts of restoring cars following the release of the second series of Richard Hammond’s Workshop on Discovery+.

The Smallest Cog workshop was set up about a year ago and the programme shows the goings on behind-the-scenes and is also honest about showing the business side of things. A year into the business, Hammond revealed that it was yet to turn over a profit, so here’s to hoping the second series will help with that.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph to promote the new show, Hammond was asked what he loves the most about restoring old cars. The Grand Tour host responded:

“They come into our workshop covered in rust and dents, but they’re infused with history and memory. They are the product of whatever was considered beautiful at the time and the constraints of materials and money at the time.

“They’re also about what people want to say about themselves. Did they want to express virility or potency or power or beauty? We express ourselves through our cars, so these classic cars are incredibly expressive pieces.”

richard hammond standing next to his opel kadett oliver

Although the workshop is an opportunity for the former Top Gear host to live out his dream, running it is sure to have its ups and downs, so when Hammond was also asked about the worst part of his latest business venture he explained that it is difficult to not get carried away with the projects. He said:

“Customers come to us with a budget, but the hardest thing is not to run away with it so it ends up costing me money. We can’t turn round and say: “It has cost twice your budget.” But we like to make the thing perfect and breathtaking. So it is hard to hold back.”

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