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Richard Hammond Puts The Grand Tour Presenters In Grave Danger After Simple Error

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that he swam in shark-infested waters during their time in Madagascar, shooting A Massive Hunt Special. This happened after Hammond attempted to speak French on the island of Réunion according to the Daily Mail.

Jeremy said: ‘When we were in Réunion, we had a day of sorting ourselves out, and we all met on the beach, and Hammond suggested snorkelling.’

So, he went off to the little hut where you could borrow the flippers and snorkels, and he came back, and he said, “My French is really coming along, I’ve just had a long conversation with the man in the hut in French.”

We then went swimming and snorkelling, and when we got back, we were told that the day before, a man had been eaten by a shark. Exactly in that spot, off that same beach, inside the reef where we were snorkelling.

‘So, this French man was clearly saying, “Don’t go swimming” and Hammond was saying “I like to go snorkelling on Wednesdays.”‘

Jeremy went on: ‘Half of the world’s shark attacks are off Réunion, and we went swimming there like idiots.

‘Everyone on the beach was staring at us like, “What on earth are they doing…?'” And this was all because Richard Hammond thinks he can speak French.’ Jeremy said.

Richard also commented on his unfortunate mistake: ‘I don’t like sharks. When we first arrived on Réunion, we decided to go for a swim, so I pranced off to the man with the snorkels and deployed my excellent French.

He was chatting away, and I was chatting back, and it was all great. Me and Clarkson and May had a splash about in the coral reef, and then we heard the awful news that the previous day a man had been eaten by a shark exactly where we were.

‘So, the others pointed out that the French man was probably saying, “For God’s sake don’t go in the water, you will die”. Nobody else was in the water…’

The Special starts on the shark-infested island of Reunion and ultimately ends on the main island of Madagascar. It has been over a year since the last Special, Seamen, came out. A Massive Hunt follows Jeremy, James, and Richard as they embark on a massive treasure hunting adventure. They are equipped with a Bentley, Caterham, and a Ford Focus. This odd assembly of vehicles gets even weirder when they heavily modify their rides to handle the rough terrain—the Special airs on Amazon Prime on December 18th.

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  1. “after simple error” please, we all watched top gear, we all know majority of this is scripted/staged, they knew what they were doing

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