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Richard Hammond Quizzed On Whether Jeremy Clarkson Will Appear On His Workshop Series

Whilst The Grand Tour hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, have all gone off to do their own thing separately to the Grand Tour specials, fans still love to see the trio come together and Hammond has been asked if Clarkson will make an appearance on his latest show, Richard Hammond’s Workshop.

Clarkson and Hammond started Top Gear in 2002 with May joining slightly after and were fan favourites on the BBC show until Clarkson’s dramatic exit in 2015. They then moved to Prime Video for The Grand Tour and now just do ‘specials’ which are roughly twice a year.

Individually, Clarkson hosts ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’, runs his Diddly Squat Farm which is documented on his Prime Video series, ‘Clarkson’s Farm’, and still writes for The Sun and The Sunday Times. May has brought out two Prime Video series, the ‘Oh Cook’ cooking show, and his travel show ‘James May: Our Man In Japan‘ and ‘Our Man In Italy‘.

Hammond has had a Prime Video series called ‘The Great Escapists’ and has now brought out Richard Hammond’s Workshop on Discovery+ which follows his latest business venture, The Smallest Cog workshop.

Fans have always loved the chemistry between the trio and are constantly pushing for more content from them, just recently fans were calling to bring ‘Conversation Street‘ back which was a segment from The Grand Tour’s original set up with the tent and live audience.

When Hammond was asked if Clarkson might make an appearance on his workshop series, he responded:

“At the moment, probably not. Maybe one day, I mean they’re welcome to if they wish.

“A cameo would feel sort of wrong, in the sense that it’s not a conscious TV show. That said, we’re very honest about it and I’m a TV presenter. I’m not pretending I’m not.

“So if when I’m running the business, I can get us a cheap stand at a car show because I’m on the telly by doing a personal appearance at the car show, I’ll do it. And we’ll show that on the TV show. We’ll be honest about that.”

Discussing his close relationship with Clarkson and May and why he thinks fans love to watch it so much, Hammond explained:

“Any TV show where you see that genuine rapport amongst mates – and you know everybody has a circle of people that they know – and you reach that point where you know roughly how they’ll react if you say something.

“And I know that with Jeremy and James, and I know that with Neil, Anthony and Andrew [Greenhouse] because we’ve known each other for years.

“So I know if I’m talking to Jeremy and James and I said say something about motorbikes, I know Jeremy will fire up, I know where the conversation would go.

Hammond continued:

“I don’t know exactly, but I can predict. Likewise with Neil and Anthony [Greenhouse], if I say something about going to a posh restaurant in London, I know where they’ll go with it.

“And that’s what you’ve got with your friends and what we’ve always had.

“People like seeing that on screen when it’s for real because it’s familiar.”

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