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Richard Hammond Reflects On Long Lasting Friendship With Grand Tour Co-Stars

Richard Hammond has reflected on working on The Grand Tour alongside Jeremy Clarkson and James May.

The latest episode, The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick, showed the hosts adventuring around a snowy Norway in their choice of rally-inspired cars. The special was filled with the usual hilarious chemistry that fans love to see between the trio, insane challenges, and plenty of things going wrong.

Hammond has recently spoken to the press about what he loves about the Prime Video series. He explained:

“The show is lovely. It’s… you know, it’s part of my life now.

“And those guys, we’ve worked together 20 odd years. It’s a long time.

“And so yeah, it’s lovely. When we get on set and the director calls action, it’s like we step into a world we’ve never been out of.

Hammond continued:

“Like it exists out there all the time with us three being idiots and meeting somewhere in cars, so it’s always a joy to get back together and that’ll never change.”

“We’re very lucky to get to do what we’ve done.”

One thing that fans have loved for a number of years, since the three hosts came together on Top Gear, is their relatable chemistry, the way they are so close but get on each others nerves a lot, and know exactly how to push each others buttons. Hammond spoke about his relationship with Clarkson and May. He said:

“Any TV show where you see that genuine rapport amongst mates – and you know everybody has a circle of people that they know – and you reach that point where you know roughly how they’ll react if you say something.

Relating the relationship to the one he has with his new co-stars on Richard Hammond’s Workshop, Hammond added:

“And I know that with Jeremy and James, and I know that with Neil, Anthony and Andrew [Greenhouse] because we’ve known each other for years.

“So I know if I’m talking to Jeremy and James and I said say something about motorbikes, I know Jeremy will fire up, I know where the conversation would go.

“I don’t know exactly, but I can predict. Likewise with Neil and Anthony, if I say something about going to a posh restaurant in London, I know where they’ll go with it.

“And that’s what you’ve got with your friends and what we’ve always had.

“People like seeing that on screen when it’s for real because it’s familiar.”

The second series of Richard Hammond’s Workshop has recently been released on Discovery+ and the latest episode of The Grand Tour is available on Prime Video.

The release date for the next episode of The Grand Tour is yet to be confirmed, although it is anticipated to be around Christmas with filming coming to an end early in the year around Europe.

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