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Richard Hammond Responds To Jeremy Clarkson’s Comments On His Health After Top Gear Crash

We all know how Richard Hammond always remains at the receiving end of jokes that are often related to car accidents, particularly the ones where a car ends up on its roof. Courtesy of his near-fatal crash in a jet-powered car and another one that happened eleven years later in a Rimac Concept One all-electric Supercar.

This reminds us of how poor ‘Hamster’ was gifted items relating to his Rimac crash in The Grand Tour’s S2, E3.  Jeremy Clarkson gifted him his broken Rolex from the Rimac fire, in the form of a gift boxwith the following engraving: “Made in Switzerland, Carefully perfected on 10th June 2017 by the British”.

Whereas James May presented him a pair of Morgan running shoes with “Anus” printed on one shoe. It didn’t end there. Jeremy managed to gift him an alarm clock with a crashed car on top that sets itself on fire when it rings!

Clarkson didn’t leave out an opportunity last December to poke fun at Hammond. He said that the injury after the Rimac crash had caused his memory to be particularly affected.

Talking to the Sunday Mirror about Hammond’s crash, Jeremy said:

“Well, it’s not his fault, it is because he cannot drive and he went upside down and damaged his brain.

“But you can tell him something, and five seconds later, it is gone out of his head.

“He has no capacity for remembering anything, and some of it is because he is not interested in anything and some of it is because he has had brain damage.”

Richard Hammond has now kicked off his comedy science panel show on Comedy Central called Brain Reaction which shows broadcaster Victoria Coren Mitchell and comedian Johnny Vegas compete for points by answering brain teasers and other challenges.

Hammond remembers his mate’s ‘memory jibe’. His latest hilarious attack on Jeremy was quoted saying to The Sun:

“Jeremy’s memory is also crap, and that is because he is ancient. I can’t run up a hill because I’ve crashed a car upside down off a mountain in flames. He can’t run up a hill because he’s fat.”

He added: “He’s one to talk about not being able to do stuff; I can’t remember stuff because I was brain injured, he can’t remember stuff because he’s old.”

Is it just us, or can you hear Hammond say those words as well?

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