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Richard Hammond Reveals “All-Out War” During Recent Grand Tour Episode

Richard Hammond has revealed that he had an “all-out war” with co-host Jeremy Clarkson during the latest filming of The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick, which was released on Prime Video last week.

It is not a huge surprise when you think that Clarkson and Hammond, along with James May, have been on our screens since the early 2000s. We first saw the trio on Top Gear before they made the move from the BBC to the Amazon with The Grand Tour. Since the move from Top Gear we have also seen the hosts go off and do their own shows as well, such as Clarkson’s Farm and James May: Our Man In Japan. 

In a recent interview, Hammond was asked if the three hosts clashed a lot during filming. He explained:

“Oh god, it’s endless! I mean we did get a bit bickery about navigation, because when you can’t see and wake up and discover you’re not where you thought you were, that warrants an argument.

“Also, the arguing and rivalry has ramped up a little bit because James had temporarily incapacitated himself due to rank stupidity, and forgetting where the brake pedal is. Jeremy and I just indulged in all-out war between us, which was great fun!”

The chemistry between the three hosts has always been one of the aspects of the shows that fans have loved, especially their bickering. Hammond continued:

“The great thing about the arguments and the physical pranks we play on each-other is whenever one of us does something awful to one of the others, your first thought if it’s you it’s been done to is always: ‘Yeah well fair enough, I’d have done the same to you if I’d have got the chance!’”

“[It’s] bl**dy annoying seeing the same daft faces every day”.

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