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Richard Hammond Reveals Brand New Car Show And This Is When You Can Watch It

Richard Hammond has revealed to his Instagram followers that he is releasing a new TV show on Sunday at 6pm (GMT) as part of the DriveTribe YouTube channel.

The Grand Tour host only revealed the very basic information on the Instagram post. Hammond said:

“Hello, Richard Hammond here, talking to you from my luxury executive office quarters. And I want to talk to you about something really exciting that is happening this Sunday at 6 o clock.

“We at DriveTribe have tried something new. We have made, for you, a TV show, like a complete Tele show. I guess it is kind of a pilot really and that’s the point. I want to hear what you think about it.

“So, please this Sunday 6 o’clock tune in to the DriveTribe YouTube channel, with a cup of tea ready, settle down, watch our TV show and then let us know what you think.

“Your opinions matter here, we with you are shaping something new.”


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Looking over at the DriveTribe YouTube channel, the video is ready to be premiered at Sunday at 6pm. The video is captioned with a brief description of what viewers can expect to see. It reads:

“Welcome to something a bit different on DriveTribe – a new TV show pilot! We have worked really hard on this one to make it arguably the biggest project we’ve ever filmed for the channel! Richard Hammond hates these two cars, so let him explain how he plans to ‘cull the herd’ and move the car industry in the right direction.”

We are sure fans will already be trying to go back over every Top Gear and Grand Tour episode in their mind to try and remember what Hammond hates. He tends to prefer classic cars, so it might be that they are newer, family cars, may Peugeots?

Although the video hasn’t premiered yet, fans are already speculating in the comments of what the cars could be. One YouTube user wrote:

“I’ll put money that one is a Nissan Puke [Juke]. Think Hammonds made it quite clear on nearly every episode of TG and GT that he hates them.”

Another person thinks that the first car might be a Mazda. They wrote:

“I guess terrible car 1 is a Mazda rx8”

We think this could be a great new way for DriveTribe to thrive and we are excited to see where it leads the channel. YouTube has always been the perfect vehicle to market a show but the revenue opportunities through endeavours such as this aren’t large compared to the expense of production, so as a money making exercise I’m not sure this could work unless the team have some serious sponsors. But either way, it’s great to see even more content coming from the trio (or Richard at least).

Get your tea brewing and your Hawstone lager on draft.

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