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Richard Hammond Reveals Smallest Cog Update In Hilarious New Video

Richard Hammond has shared a hilarious video to his social media revealing the launch of The Smallest Cog workshop website. Following in his Grand Tour co-host, Jeremy Clarkson’s footsteps, Hammond has opted for a funny social media video to promote the business and website. Although, thankfully for Hammond, his shouldn’t be banned like Clarkson’s are.

Hammond spoke to his followers whilst his Smallest Cog team, Neil, Anthony, and Andrew Greenhouse shout at each other in the background. The former Top Gear host said:

“Good news! The Smallest Cog website is finally live. It’s my fault it’s taken a while, but it is good news because we need it.

“Like any other wild creatures, these guys if left of their own devices will always find ways of keeping themselves occupied, but it’s only a matter of time before things stop being quite so constructive.”


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As the team start shouting at each other, jokingly, about one biting the other, Hammond continued:

“Oh no, that is bad news. No, play nicely. Yeah. Your car might be just what they need. Restoring it. Keeping them occupied, usefully. And the good news is if you need us, you can now find us. Go to

“Who knows? We might be able to work together. You can upload a picture of your car and what you need doing.

“Oh please come on! That was expensive!”

The Smallest Cog journey is documented on Richard Hammond’s Workshop, the second series of which was released on Discovery+ in October. The show gives a behind-the-scenes insight into the business as well as following Hammond to a trip to the Lake District and shows him attempting to teach his youngest daughter how to drive.

Hammond recently announced a latest venture for the team, the Smallest Cog Racing team. Whilst at the Classic Car And Restoration Show at the NEC, Hammond revealed the partly restored MGB GT which the team will be using.

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