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Richard Hammond Reveals The Grand Tour: Madagascar Moments To Be “Brutal” And “Rotten”

Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May set out on a new adventure in the Grand Tour of Madagascar: A Massive Hunt, and for the first time, Hammond acknowledged he may have lost this time.


The new Amazon Prime Video special has the trio modify their preferred cars to drive in the unfamiliar yet beautiful landscape of Madagascar. But the boys found out there are more things to deal with in the search for that mysterious pirate treasure.

Fifty-year-old Hammond for the first time admitted he might have bitten off more than he can chew.

Hammond honestly revealed, “Repairs to the car and getting those trams back on was a brutal job, and then getting the thing moving again then there’d be noise and I’d be like I don’t want to get out and see because I know what’s happened, I can feel it.”


Hammond had an especially difficult time adjusting to his modified car but he was able to quickly catch up with Jeremy, 60, and James, 57.


He went on to say, “It’s a pretty rotten feeling when you know you’ve got six hours left to go and the other area already there, and they’ve already opened a bottle of something nice.”

“And they might be sleeping in a tent or sleeping somewhere rough but they’ve stopped moving and they can just sit there and chill out and I’m going to be hours and hours but that’s part of the adventure.”

Hammond continued to share his “misadventures” in The Grand Tour Madagascar: A Massive Hunt.

“Also it’s what people like to see, they like to see us uncomfortable and I was uncomfortable.”


Presenters agree with what Jeremy describes as the worst road ever” as well as crossing rivers on nearby ferries while seeking to search for gold in a variety of places.

When asked if Hammond really believed they could discover the treasure, Richard just responded with “I’m a big fan of all that stuff, I know Jeremy was very cynical and very mocking, but it’s a historical fact that a lot of these people actually live and buried the treasure.”

The Grand Tour Madagascar: A Massive Hunt is available on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, December 18.

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