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Richard Hammond Reveals Yet Another Show, This Time On Comedy Central: Brain Reaction

It’s safe to say that Richard Hammond is spreading himself thin when it comes to the number of shows he’s releasing to TV and streaming sites recently. Not only is he hard at work on The Grand Tour, but he’s also working on Crazy Contraptions, Big Boom Theories, and a second series of Richard Hammond’s Workshop. Now, to add even more to this list, has reported that he’s starting another science-based show called Richard Hammond’s Brain Reactions.

The presenter has a strong history of science shows created for the whole family to watch such as Brainiac: Science Abuse. Since then he’s had a number of shows like this, and has even worked with Mythbusters star Tory Bellici on The Great Escapists, another show aimed at children where the two created machines to help them live and escape from a desert island.

His most recent reveal, Crazy Contraptions, will allow teams to compete against each other as they create Chain Reaction Machines to complete small domestic tasks, and according to Deadline will air on a Sunday evening.

Richard Hammond’s Brain Reaction will be a panel show hosted by Comedy Central, and will find Richard Hammond next to the likes of Victoria Coren Mitchell, Johnny Vegas and Ria Lina, with the two former being team captains.

This is what had to say about it:

Richard Hamond’s Brain Reaction is a brand new comedy science panel show. Richard hosts, ably assisted by comedian and science geek Ria Lina.

Captaining the teams are Victoria Coren Mitchell and Johnny Vegas. Each week, they battle it out over a series of bizarre conundrums that pit random things against arbitrary stuff. Ever wondered what’s more powerful, a rugby player or a fireman’s hose, or what’s fastest, a Slinky going down a flight of stairs or a student downing a pint, upside down?

It’s anyone’s game – an astrophysicist has as much chance of getting the answer right as your grandmother

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