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Richard Hammond Revives Top Gear Icon As His New Race-Car

The Grand Tour host, Richard Hammond, has revealed the latest project to come from The Smallest Cog workshop, as seen on Richard Hammond’s Workshop. Hammond explained in a recent DriveTribe video of his garage that they would be transforming the MGB GT, which was the the last car he drove on Top Gear.

In the most recent video from DriveTribe, Hammond revealed the restored and modified car at the Classic Car And Restoration Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Speaking about the car, Hammond explained that they wanted to make a classic race-car in order to get The Smallest Cog in front of the right audience.

Introducing the car, Hammond said:

“So, it was a bit of a rush to get the car done for the show which is why it’s not done, it’s not finished. But actually, we took the decision, this is a restoration show, everybody here is restoring cars, they’ve all got an interest in that and they will understand that.

“So, we are launching the intent to go racing. This will be the car we will be doing it in, when we have turned it into a racing car. And that’s the announcement we are going to be making here today.

“I, for one, am absolutely delighted with it. We are very lucky with the colours of our logo ’cause they have given us this, I think you’ll agree, pretty groovy livery. And very soon, this year, we’ll be campaigning this at classic car races and events around the country.”

After taking a tour of the other cars on show at the event, Hammond does an interview as part of the car reveal. Hammond addresses the audience:

“Hello, yes it’s me, the tall one off that car show”

“I don’t think there has ever been a better time for this show to happen because look at the broader sweep of what cars are and how they matter and what’s happened. A hundred plus years ago, they started out and it was, well it was a novelty at tops wasn’t it really? ‘Oh look [inaudible] is coming up the drive and there’s no horse in front’.

“It was a novelty but then it went on to change and shape our world and now it is changing. Whereas, when it started it was just a novelty, not important, then it became important. Now the car is changing again and we understand and appreciate its significance, so it’s a really exciting time.”

Fans can see the restoration process of this and other cars on Richard Hammond’s Workshop, the second series of which has recently been released on Discovery+.

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