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Richard Hammond Talks The Future Of The Grand Tour: “I Don’t Know For How Much Longer We Can Keep Going”

Richard Hammond has spoken out about the future of The Grand Tour, questioning just how much longer the team can carry on until the show ends. 

Talking to Grand Tour Nation and other press, Richard explains the passion for the show by he, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May.

“Who would stop? I’ve worked in media for 33 years, and I’ve been incredibly lucky because for the last 20 of them I’ve been working with an amazing team of people.

“I’ve been gifted, blessed with an incredible opportunity to see places, I wouldn’t have seen and to see them in a way I’ve never seen. 

“And I’ll continue doing that for as long as the opportunity presents itself.”

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He continued:

“I mean, some of us are getting on so I don’t know for how much longer we can keep going,” he pointed out.

“But we will keep going until we’re forced to stop because it’s what we do. 

“That’s not just us three it includes Andy Wilman, the boss, and everybody else, every member of the team.

“Some of these people we’ve worked with since they were in their early 20s and then now into their 40s with their own families, they’ve grown up.”

“I’d never want to break that or stop doing that until I absolutely couldn’t,” Richard explained. 

“So until people say, ‘Will you lot stop doing that?’ I’m not going to stop doing it.”

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Richard then went on to talk about potential filming locations for the future of the show:

As to where we go next, again, we’re very lucky because as a subject it’s cars, yes, but actually, it’s cars and places,” Richard said. 

“There’s no end of different stories that can be pulled together from different ingredients and assembled into something new and fresh to go and make.

“I don’t think creatively, we’ll run out of steam because the world’s not going to do that.

“There’s always another circumstance, another place, another piece of history we can illustrate and examine.”

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The most recent episode of The Grand Tour, named Lochdown was met with mostly positive reviews, despite the Grand Tour team being forced to stay within the UK. The next episode is looking to be taking place in Wales. It’s safe to say we’re very excited. 

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