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Richard Hammond Talks “Ups And Downs” Behind The Smallest Cog Workshop: “I’ve Simply Got To Make It Work”

Richard Hammond’s Workshop has come back with a second series recently and Hammond has spoken about the “ups and downs” of the show. Viewers saw in the first series the presenter getting to grips with his new business and now, one year on, the second series shows the ongoing battle to stay afloat.

In an interview with the press, Hammond was asked how the experience of opening up the business has been. He responded:

“We’re getting there. I’m loving it. It is an adventure. It does have downs as well as ups, but that’s okay.

“It’s a real experience. And I’m learning a lot about myself and about the industry. It really is harder than I thought. It’s a big responsibility.”

The Grand Tour host has teamed up with Anthony and Neil Greenhouse. Hammond stepped in to help the family-run business that he used for his own classic cars when they told him they were going to be forced to close due to development. Hammond spoke about the pressure of keeping the business going, he said:

“It’s a living for these guys. It’s their job, it’s their craft, it’s their trade. They’ve done it for years. And you know, I cannot turn up one day at the workshop and say, ‘Really sorry, lads. I’ve messed it up. It doesn’t work.’ I’ve simply got to make it work.”

The show is a chance for fans to see the former Top Gear host live out one of him life-long dreams of restoring classic cars. The show is obviously full of naturally funny moments, but there are some more serious sentiments behind it. Hammond explained:

“There always are emotional moments around. Because I think the other reason that cars can be particularly emotionally triggering is they move us physically. They take our actual person from one place to another to do stuff. So it’s an intimate relationship.

“This thing is taking you from one place to another, you step into it in one place, and you step out of it in another. That’s significant to us as creatures.”

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