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Richard Hammond’s BIG: Trailer and Release Date Revealed

Richard Hammond has a new solo project show coming to the Discovery Channel in the New Year, and it promises to be BIG! Well, that’s because it’s called Big, I suppose. On January 15 2020, Richard will delve into the world of massive machinery and take us with him to explore how these things tick.

Watch it the trailer below:

From the world’s longest underground railway tunnel to a container ship the size of four football pitches, this 10-part series will be BIG. But also ironic. Sorry Hamster.

The show will be aired in the UK and USA, as well as Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

The remaining two of The Grand Tour trio have also got their own solo projects planned. Jeremy Clarkson is getting ready to bring us a year in the life of his new farm and farm shop, and James May is bringing the wonder of Japan into our homes in his new show, Our Man In Japan.

With the first special of The Grand Tour also just released, it’s no doubt been a busy year for the three presenters who are now looking at planning/filming their next special for The Grand Tour.

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