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Richard Hammond’s New Job Away From The Grand Tour Is “The Best Gig In The World”

When the famous trio isn’t shooting The Grand Tour episodes, they’re usually seen chasing other endeavors that belong to the non-motoring world. Jeremy Clarkson’s started farming, James May is cooking and travelling the globe, and Richard Hammond has been known to host ‘science comedy’ shows earlier such as Brainiac Science Abuse.

Now, he’s back on screen hosting another science comedy show called Brain Reaction on Comedy Central. Hammond will be seen with team captains Victoria Coren Mitchell and Johnny Vegas, whereas science expert and comedian Ria Lina will be in charge of providing facts for the show’s madcap experiments.

Talking to BBC 2 host Steve Wright, Hammond said that Brain Reaction has been one of his best projects.

“Basically, it’s the best gig in the world because I rock up and I say, ‘Hello and welcome to Brain Reaction!

“And I introduce the teams and then I ask questions and I just sit back and watch everybody be funny and clever.

“Then I go home again. It’s not challenging!” Said Hammond.

The new show is poles apart from the amount of effort we’re used to seeing the presenter put in on the Grand Tour. As expressed by him, this must be a walk in the park for the presenter.

Brain Reaction viewers will witness Victoria and Johnny’s teams being put to task in a series of challenges are strange experiments each week followed by Ria’s explanation of the results at the end.

In an effort to explain the format clearly, Hammond said:

“It’s pitting things against things in the name of science, but also having fun.

“I’m basically there to be the butt of jokes. (Ria’s) there to be brilliant and clever.”

Earlier, Richard ran into challenges as he wanted a studio audience to be present for the show, but this might not have been possible because of COVID regulations.

“We were worried we wouldn’t be able to get to make Brain Reaction because, you know, people have got to come in and out,” he told RadioTimes.

“I really wanted a live studio audience. It really matters to me because these are comics. They feed off it and they need it. We do have one which is great.

“I think viewers are very savvy and bright – we know what we want when we’re watching TV. We know if somebody believes their subject.

“We know if the audience is there and if the comic is feeding off the live audience – you can tell. So I really wanted the audience there.”

So, Hammond is getting yet another solo project. What do we think? Um, his solo projects haven’t been brilliant, usually created for a younger audience, apart from Richard Hammond’s workshop which was brilliant.

I think I’d rather just get another grand tour episode out into the world…? We know one’s coming, but the question is when.

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