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Richard Hammond’s Workshop Series 2 Trailer and Release Date Revealed: Here’s What We Know

Richard Hammond’s Workshop saw great success after its first series was launched on Discovery+. It saw The Grand Tour presenter begin his very own business away from his co-presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May in the form of his car restoration garage, The Smallest Cog.

The first series began in 2021, and just like the show Clarkson’s Farm, it follows the presenter as he explores a new industry. He’s joined by Neil, Anthony and Andrew Greenhouse, who are talented restorers and already have a history with Hammond restoring his old Jags etc, and now under his management, they’ve gained huge success.

Talking to, Richard admits that he’s finding running this business much harder than he expected. He also comments on how it’s affecting his family life with wife Mindy, and daughters Willow and Isabella.

When Is Richard Hammond’s Workshop Series 2 Being Released?

The second series of the popular show is being released October 17th on Discovery+.

Richard Hammond Struggles

“I had this idea that it was all going to be idyllic, that I’d have a nice little workshop and I’d be able to go in and roll my sleeves up and learn how to paint cars and how to do all the real craftwork just like my grandfather used to do,” he told What To Watch.

“That’s one of the reasons I started it, my grandfather was a coach-builder.

“However, I quickly discovered that the business side of it tends to take over and trying to make it work is really, really hard!”

“I’m not a business person it transpires. I’m a television presenter so it’s been quite a lot of effort and one heck of a big learning curve. I wish I’d known beforehand that it would be one bottomless pit of money! “

He was asked about his wife Mindy’s reaction to him starting the business:

“I think she supported the concept but she also knows me well enough to know I probably wouldn’t be able to carry it off as smoothly as the idea can be delivered!

“She steps in throughout the series, which of course means she steps in in reality too because this series is real life, it’s what’s actually happening in our day-to-day life.”

We’re very excited to see the second series of Richard Hammond’s Workshop later this month, so put it on your calendars!

Richard Hammond’s Workshop airs from Monday, October 17 on Discovery +

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