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Russia Uses Jeremy Clarkson Quote To Persuade Country That UK Is Resorting To Cannibalism

After Jeremy Clarkson made a joke about the UK resorting to cannibalism in a recent Tweet and column, a Russian news outlet has used this to spin a story about how Britain is facing a crisis.

TsargradTV, the outlet that reported this, is owned by Vladimir Putin-backing businessman Konstantin Malofeev, noting that “journalists begin to say terrible things aloud, reminding them of the risk of cannibalism”.

Jeremy Clarkson’s original statement read:

“Politicians say they are ‘monitoring the situation’, which means they aren’t doing anything at all, but one day they will have to because while people can live without heat or clothing or even sex, they cannot live without food. Hunger makes people eat their neighbours.”

This translated into the following headline for the outlet: “Cold, Hunger, Cannibalism: London fell into its own Ukrainian pit.” This is the same outlet that tells readers that they promote “only facts”.

The article continues:

“Things are not going well in the UK. While politicians are playing into the Ukrainian crisis, their own population is preparing for starvation.

A number of developing countries are facing a food shortage due to the war in Ukraine, but no states of emergency have been released. One factor if this is the fact that both Ukraine and Russia are huge importers of grain, but the UK and EU have now accused Russia of using food as a weapon with Foreign Secretary Liz Truss saying that Russia has “hold the world to ransom” thanks to its naval blockade of Ukraine’s exports.

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